2005-09-08 - 1:25 p.m.

Terrible things happen on the most beautiful days. It�s creepy how that works and maybe it�s not always the case. Maybe we only notice the beautiful weather during horrible events. Perhaps it�s the irony that makes this beauty noteworthy and disconcerting. I can�t really say. What I do know, is that in my life, it just seems that the worst events have only occurred on balmy, cloudless, bright, sunny days. Days that should inspire Byron, Keats or Shelly to write; Monet, Renoit or Van Gogh to paint, instead inspire the likes of Doom, Gloom, Despondency and Melancholy to rear their ugly heads.

One of the most notable examples of this was September 11, 2001. I don�t have to tell you of the horrible events of that day but I can remind you that it was one of the most beautiful days of the year. I remember driving in my truck around 11 am that morning, on my way with my Sister and her family to visit with my brother up in Maryland. I remember feeling panicked, stressed and scared at the morning�s events, yet I also remember my dog�s excitement to be going for a car ride on such a beautiful fall morning. My dog, always loved going for car rides, and this morning was no exception.

My dog�s life would end on a glorious June afternoon in central Virginia when he got killed pursuing one of the various evil squirrels that terrorized his brief existence. I remember getting the call from my good friend Pete that afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky to protect me, as I snuck outside to cry my tears in privacy, since as everyone knows, men don�t cry.

I got to thinking today, that maybe Homeland Security should beef up its threat level based on the weather. Maybe you shouldn�t ask a girl out on a date if it�s too nice out. Maybe I should watch the Weather Channel before buying that lottery ticket, for as is becoming abundantly clear to me more and more, bad things only happen on beautiful days.

I thought about this phenomenon, while walking my sister�s dog. I got home early from school, and she looked like she could use a good stroll through the woods. I figured, yeah I�m out of shape and I could use the exercise, and I�m sure she would love it. Then half way to the park I started to feel uneasy. I looked around not a cloud in the sky. No traffic, no noise no wind. Just calm, serene peace. I ran back inside to flee the impending doom�

The impending doom of a beautiful day.

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